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New Politics: Day of Show

October 15, 2010 

MTVu’s Campus Invasion-University of South Florida

Tampa, Florida

Just as I promised in the last post, my next day of show was New Politics! After the last tour, these guys BLEW UP gaining the exposure from MTVu (if you hadn’t notice yet from the headline!) With their up and coming single, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” these guys quickly became a known name! They were now sharing the stage with artists like Neon Trees and 30 Seconds to Mars!

This show was a little different than the last day of show. It was a free concert brought to the area by the University of South Florida’s Campus Activities Board. With it being a free event with free food, games, AND music, it brought a wide range of attendees to the show!

Promoting at this event was a breeze! With the concert being a free event, there were plenty of people there to promote to and plenty of space to hang up posters! By the end of the night, there were at least 3,000 people in attendance.  Since this concert was also on the University of South Florida’s campus, and with being an former student and familiar with the highly populated areas, I also hit up areas around where the concert was earlier in the day to gain double the exposure for these guys! Typically for the New Politics campaigns, a Synner receives stickers, posters, and this special kind of sidewalk chalk to stencil the words New Politics in areas around the show (see first picture!)

New Politics definitely killed it just as they did in August, except this time they got a much bigger reaction than at the last show! With songs like their single “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” opening song “Nuclear War,” and famous break dancing, they definitely won the crowd over with many new fans!

It was great to see these guys again, even if it had only been month since they last came through town! The one thing I really liked about this campaign was being able to see the growth behind New Politics as artist in a month! It is very rewarding  to be able to see a band that you rep gain exposure in a great way!

Check out New Politics here:

Band Website:


Twitter: @newpoliticsrock

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